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We create high impact internet advertisments &  promotions
We offer Online Advertising optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox, that will  appear in all major search engines and vast networks of distributed web sites including ours.
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Please fill all required Field's and include a description of you advertising needs. Type of Business, location of business & phone # . Their is no set-up fee for the creation of your first banner, you can have a new banner designed for a fee *depending the size, and all banners will remain the property of & can not be used for any other type of advertising. Payment can be made for your ad in 3.6.9. or 12 month increments, if any payment becomes delinquent we reserve the right to remove the ad without notice. We do not promote any sexually explicit material or false & misleading information in our advertisements. Full page ad's can be designed for a fee not less than $500  and can be updated once a month at no additional cost for 6 months. All keyword optimizing for search engine's are included in banners at no *fee. Web site owners will have a return link included with ad, video advertising is available  for a additional fee.

This size Ad... $40 per month